This page is under continuing development and contains information for your recreation only! This page nor it's authors do not promote the use of any particular product or company. It is dangerous to mix fuels and should be done ONLY in a controlled environment, ready to handle accidents of any type related to these volatile petrolium products and chemicals. There is no guarantee that a mix of fuels and/or chemicals is safe for your car. Aromatic additives such as Toluene and Xylene absorb readily into skin and tends to weaken rubber. Too much concentration of aromatics and similar may damage important engine components like fuel pumps and any fuel component that may use petrolium-based products (remember, rubber is petrolium based!)

I try to be as accurate as possible with the information contained within this page. Hyper-Links are provided when possible if you wish to broaden your understanding of fuels.

  Quantity Octane Rating Cost %
Fuel A gallons per gallon
Fuel B gallons per gallon
Fuel Mix (Totals) 100
Fuel Manufacturer Product Motor Octane (MON) Research Octane (RON) (RON+MON)/2 Specific Gravity Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP)
  Toluene 107 121 114 0.87 g/mL N/A
Sunoco Unleaded Race Fuels GT100 95 105 100 N/A 8 psi
GT Plus 99 109 104 N/A 9 psi
VP Racing Fuels CSP
CSP is one of the highest octane, oxygenated unleaded fuels available. Spec Fuel for high compression, fuel injected Toyota-Atlantic North America Series.
96.6 107.9 102.3 .7865 at 60 F N/A
C10 is the best non-oxygenated unleaded racing gasoline available. It meets ASTM D-439 standard specifications for automotive gasoline and is legal for use on the streets. C10 is not oxygenated, does not contain any metal compounds and will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. C10 Race Fuel has been used by national champions in SCCA and IMSA stock classes.
96 104 100 N/A N/A
Performance unleaded is well suited for high performance, street legal cars. It meets ASTM D-439 standards and does not contain any metal compounds. Performance unleaded will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Performance Unleaded will typically allow turbo engines to raise the boost from the stock 8-10 lbs. to 20-25 lbs. Works well on the latest generation of electronically controlled turbo engines.
N/A N/A 100 N/A N/A
Used in: FIM MX and Road Race competition. Designed and specifically formulated to maximize power and performance.
89.3 101 95.15 (Estimated) .74 at 15 C N/A
Used in: Styled after FIA/FIM regulations but with a slightly lower Research Octane Number than M8-1 or A5 fuel.
86.3 99.8 93.05 (Estimated) .74 at 15 C N/A
Motorsport 103 is VP's name for its street legal gasoline, designed for maximum power and throttle response. Motorsport 103 is an unleaded fuel of high octane that provides the power and protection equal to some leaded racing fuels. Meets California RFG Requirements. Recommended for: high performance street cars, boats, snowmobiles, personal water craft, motorcycles and high performance import cars. Spec fuel for Professional SportsCar in 1999.
99 107 (Estimated) 103 .743 at 60 F N/A
Used in FIA regulation motorsports. Specifically formulated and designed for maximum power and consistent, clean burning performance.
89.3 101 95.15 (Estimated) .74 at 15 C N/A
Specially formulated for IJSBA Jet Ski Racing, this high octane, 3.6% oxygenated unleaded race fuel produces the ultimate power in world class jet ski championship competition. Will perform well in other forms of unleaded motorsports. Won all but 1 class at IJSBA 2001 Jet Ski World Championships.
106 N/A N/A .726 at 60 F N/A
Developed for European drag race, oval track, road race and off road high performance engines. This oxygenated product makes big hp and torque gains on and off the track.
98 N/A N/A .745 @ at 60 F N/A